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“Love is not better than Gifts! Love is the better way to get the best gifts to manifest!”

  • Preface
  • Love Chapter Rewind
  • Looking at 1 Corinthians Chapter 12
  • Ministry Gifts
  • The Love Chapter in Context
  • Love believes
  • Compassion and Manifestation of Gifts
  • Intercession and Spiritual manifestations.

When we were in High School, we all wanted to be on the football team. Some of us wanted to be the fullback, some wanted to be the receivers, and some wanted to be the kicker. Most of us wanted to be the Quarterback. I told my dad, "I am wishing and hoping that I get to be the quarterback, I would really like to have that position on the team!" My dad patted me on the back and said "It is good to ‘wish and hope’ to get that position... but I think I know a better way to do it."

He was not going to show me a better position than the quarterback, he was going to show me a better WAY than "wishing and hoping" to become a quarterback!

Chapter 13 is a discussion on why love (faith driven by compassion) is a better driving element than coveting (or zeal) when you want to get the gifts to manifest. He is not talking about love being better than gifts... he is saying love is better than coveting.

Of all the teachings about the gifts of the Spirit that I have assembled, I believe this is the most significant. If we can grasp and receive these truths into our hearts, then I believe we will take a major step toward the full restoration of the Gifts of the Spirit and the Ministries of the Lord. The basic truth in this study is so simple, that we have missed it. It is the role of compassion in the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit and as the driving force behind the ministries of the body of Christ.

Description: kindle1
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