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A Deeper Study on Devotional Tongues

C. Alan Martin

1997 Low Tide Press Beaufort SC

Speaking in Tongues

This discussion is primarily about what is commonly called "prayer tongues" as opposed to the Holy Spirit Gift "diversities of tongues". It is designed to help people who have never spoke in tongues.

A Deeper Research Study

This study is an ongoing research project that I have been working on for 34 years. It began in my pre-Christian life, around the year 1970 when I read a book about tongues by John Sherrill ( They Speak with Other Tongues ). It is my prayer that this study will revolutionize not only the way you think about "speaking in tongues" but also revolutionize your spiritual life the way it has mine.

“New Tongues”

First I will discuss the nature of the "tongues" or "languages".

Mark 16:17
17 And miraculous signs will follow to those believing these things: they will cast out demons in My name; they will speak new languages;


Jesus uses very specific wording here when referring to "tongues" or "languages" The literal translation is closer to the reality of what He was saying than the KJV, but still lacks the accuracy of the Greek. The word "new" here is often thought to mean a language that is merely "new to the speaker", but not "new" as in "genuine" or previously unknown. By "genuine" I mean having never been spoken before; new as in newly created and unique. They are altogether new.

Let me share with you from one of the Prophetic School's lessons where we teach how to speak in tongues, prophesy, and manifest the gifts of the Spirit:

"For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people"

"...stammering lips: the Hebrew word means a mocker, or imitator.

The concept is that the speaker _appears_ to be mocking a foreigner. The speaking is so "odd", that it is obvious to the hearer that the speaker does not know the language he is speaking, and so the hearer assumes the speaker is mocking a foreigner. In the middle seventies, many Viet-Nam "boat people" were coming to the U.S. They would speak very rapidly in a strange language with unusual soundings and pronunciations. American children would "mock" or "imitate" these speech patterns. The manifestation of speaking in tongues is going to resemble these children. You will likely repeat certain sounds and patterns over and over. Often the babe will do this very rapidly and with an apparent excess of tongue movement. (As you mature in your speech, this will change. The speaking will begin to resemble a real language, and become slower. Very often it will include gestures and facial expressions. Eventually, you will appear to be speaking in a language that you actually know.) Close your eyes and begin to say Abba. This is a word that the scripture says is already in you. It is there! Repeat it over and over in faith. Speak forth from your love for God and Jesus. Reach down into your "belly" where the living waters flow and speak the love for the father word "Abba..."

Description: kindle1
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