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We use this term throughout our work. A logosystem is the sum total of all the rhema words that Christ has spoken into your spirit. These collective “words” are the “stuff” of you faith and echo as the assurance you sense in your spirit. Jesus is the eternal, divine “logosystem” of God. You also have a logosystem. This is a revelation of your spirit’s word repository.

"...As a born again believer, you are a subset of that total logosystem of God. When you were born again, you received the template based on the spirit of Christ. As a believer, you are in the process of having more of the logosystem of God added to your spirit. In this way, you become more like Him. The process by which Christ adds to our logosystem from His own is called revelation. Christ speaks directly to our spirit..."

  • Logos A
  • The Logosystem
  • Jesus is the Logosystem of God!
  • Logos B
  • The Pegboard Analogy
  • The Brain Analogy
  • Using the Gifts of the Spirit and Body Ministry as Example
  • How the Word Grows
  • Logosystem Facts
  • Three things increase your logo system.
  • Prophetic Words from the spirit of Christ in you.
  • Revelation Facts

Logos A

Logos, or in this context, a "logosystem," is the sum total of all the beliefs held by a spirit, be it God, angel, demon, or man. We have said that Jesus is the living logosystem of God. He is the logosystem of God incarnate. God effectively took His logosystem, prepared a body for it, and gave the "word" physical life. Jesus said He came “out from the Father” and in another place that He was “in the bosom of the Father.”

In our discussion of the logosystem, we can make a comparison to the brain. From our pegboard analogy, we compared individual words from God as “pegs” or “belief pegs.” We can expand that understanding into our brain analogy. Each “peg” (neuron) in our belief system has links (synapses) to other pegs. One such peg is the peg that represents the word “Jesus is Lord.” This peg will be linked together with a number of other pegs including:

Jesus is come in the flesh
Jesus died for our sins
Jesus is the Christ
Jesus is the Son of God
Jesus is the Word of God, and
Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Each of these “word” elements are communed into your spirit by a spoken word from Christ. They are engrafted into your spirit and become a part of your “logosystem” of beliefs...

Romans 10:17(KJV)
17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Or the Prophetic School Version:
“...so then the belief comes by a revelation into the spirit, and a revelation into the spirit comes by a word directly spoken by Christ...”
Description: kindle1
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