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  • Why Tongues?.
  • Why do tongues occur?.
  • The Difference Between the Spirit and Soul.
  • People Do Tongues
  • Speaking in Tongues is an Act of the Human Will
  • What Is “Speaking with tongues?”.
  • An Inner Movement
  • Romans Example of the Mechanics of New Tongues
  • Tongues and the Inexperienced and “Unlearned”.
  • The Enablement of the Holy Spirit
  • Who speaks in tongues?.
  • Christian Tongues Versus Non-Christian Tongues
  • Tongues in History.
  • Pagan tongues
  • Linguistics and Tongues
  • “Mentalese” and “Spiritese”.
  • Tongues as a Co-operative Effort Between the Spirit and the Soul
  • Are Tongues Real Languages?.
  • Research Speaks
  • The Difference Between Natural/Normal and Spiritual/Supernatural
  • Where do Tongues Originate?.
  • The “Abba Word”.
  • The Beginning of the New Creature’s Spiritual Speech.
  • How Does Scripture Describe Speaking in Spiritual Tongues?.
  • Did Jesus Speak in Tongues?.
  • The deaf and dumb.
  • The “spirit of Christ”.
  • Who am I that I can Speak with New Tongues?.
  • Do we need to be Baptized with the Holy Spirit to be Believers?.
  • The Revelation.
  • Spiritual Tongues
  • New Tongues
  • All believers speak in spiritual tongues.
  • The Tongues of Angels
  • When Can Believers Begin To Speak in New Tongues?.
  • Believers can speak in tongues (spiritual tongues) at will.
  • “I Will that You All Speak in Tongues....”.
  • So Why the Holy Ghost?.
  • The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ
  • Does the Believer Need the Holy Spirit to Speak in Tongues?.
  • Diversities of Tongues
  • The Operative and Administrative Delivery of the Charismatic Gifts of the Spirit
  • The Practical Difference Between Charismatic “Diversities of Tongues” and “Spiritual Tongues”.
  • The Acts Two Event
  • The Sound and Quality of Tongues
  • “Tongues of Men and Angels”.
  • Why Do I Not Speak in Tongues?.
  • How to Speak in Tongues... NOW...
  • A short review of New Tongues.

  • Appendix A..
  • The Soul
  • (Psuchikos) - “Soulical”.
  • The Abstract Soul

  • Appendix B..
  • The Logosystem - Spirit Fundamentals
  • Logosystem Facts
  • Three things increase your logo system.

  • Appendix C..
  • Utterance for tongues in the OT..


  • Testimonies

The Challenge


We are going to present (and prove) a number of concepts in this study that are new and even revolutionary to the student of speaking in new tongues. Among these concepts are:


  • All men have (passively) spoken in tongues frm birth, even before they spoke in their native tongue. This includes non-Christians.
  • Speaking in tongues is a natural and normal thing to do.
  • People were (actively) speaking in tongues hundreds of years before Christ was born.
  • New tongues are not real languages and cannot be understood by any man. They can be understood by God because of His power.
  • The believers in Acts Chapter Two were not speaking in new tongues.
  • Jesus spoke in new tongues.
  • By speaking in new tongues one can commune with God, heal the sick, and raise the dead.
  • You can learn to (actively) speak in new tongues, and do it at will.
  • Speaking in new tongues is for all intents and purposes gibberish. It is gibberish that only God (by His supernatural power) can understand.
  • A spiritual thing is not necessarily a supernatural thing.
  • Speaking in new tongues is a “merely spiritual” manifestation as opposed to a supernatural manifestation.
  • Speaking in new tongues is not “diversities of tongues”.
  • “Diversities of tongues” is both a spiritual manifestation and a supernatural manifestation.
  • Speaking in tongues are a co-operative effort between the spirit and the soul.


It is estimated that:

·        600 million humans believe in the practice of speaking in tongues.

·        As of April 2006, 500 million humans practice speaking in tongues.

·        The number of those speaking in tongues has increased 168 million since 1988.

·        Denominations that promote speaking in tongues add 20 million converts to their pews each year.

·        100 million Catholics identify with the Charismatic movement and speaking tongues.

·        If these statistics are true and continue. By 2025 there could be over 1.14 billion believers who practice speaking in tongues.



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