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Throughout our work we press the point that we all can prophesy and we all can speak with new tongues. This book addresses some of the “soulical” issues that may be preventing the free flow of words from your spirit which is the spirit of Christ that now lives in you. “You may all prophesy one by one” and if you are not, find out why!

You Can All prophesy…

Every believer can prophesy. The spirit of Christ in you is not mute or dumb. If we all can prophesy (and we all can) and you do not, then you should find out why. There are things to learn.

You can prophesy, and in fact you have. You have prophesied many times in your Christian life.. just as you have spoken in tongues many times (even if you did not know it). A Prophetic School will help you learn how to do these things "on purpose, with purpose".

An example of your prophesying:

You are driving down the road not really thinking about anything in particular rather than getting to where you are going. In the back of your mind you are constructing a little song... or "ode".

You start humming and singing this little "ode" as you drive. Eventually this develops into a fully fledged song with verses and a chorus etc etc Congrats. You have just prophesied. The spirit of Christ in you is speaking to itself in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

Another example:

A dear Christian friend comes to you with a story of great sorrow. He tells you his wife or child has died. He is sobbing and obviously in great distress. You feel useless and helpless as you try to comfort him. As you empathize with his grief, you feel a "pain" in your lower belly... almost a cramp. Your friend really needs your help. Suddenly, out of the midst of that "pain" you speak words of comfort. Maybe it is not something really deep or profound... but it flows out of you, and you feel relief at the speaking of it. You have just birthed a prophetic word of comfort from the spirit of Christ in you. The words, while not profound or deep, had spirit and life in them. They left the spirit of Christ in you and ministered comfort to that broken man.

This too is prophesying.

You have all done this.

A Prophetic School will help you do these things "on purpose, with purpose".

If you are not doing these things, you need to learn how!!!

I will teach you how to prophesy. Rather... how to prophesy on purpose with purpose.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • "My child, I have loved you with a great love..."
  • You Can All prophesy…
  • You Speak with New Tongues… Jesus Said So!
  • The Parts Of Man
  • Ten Proofs that the spirit of Christ in you can and should prophesy
  • “The Mechanics and Practice of Speaking in Tongues”
  • 12 Myths About Prophesying
  • MYTH 1 > Prophesying is predicting the future.
  • MYTH 2 > Only certain people can prophesy.
  • MYTH 3 > If you prophesy then you are a prophet.
  • MYTH 4 > All prophecy is from the Holy Spirit.
  • MYTH 5 > All prophecy has divine attribution.
  • MYTH 6 > Your mind has no part in prophesying.
  • MYTH 7 > Women should never prophesy.
  • MYTH 8 > Prophesying is always delivered in a language that can be understood by the speaker.
  • Myth 9 > God Guides His People With "Personal Prophecy".
  • Myth 10 > You Cannot Learn How to Prophesy.
  • Myth 11 > Love is better than prophesying or any other gift of the Spirit.
  • Myth 12 > Prophesying will be done away.
  • Can You Be A False Prophet?

Description: kindle1
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