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This book is an explanation as to why the nation has come into the current period of chastisement. The word that comes to me in prayer and meditation is “correction.” We are in the beginning stages of a multi-faceted period of “correction.” A time of trouble is upon us, a time of “correction.” The scales are out of balance and the transgression of the nation offends nature and God. The immune system built into nature and the land is now moving to cleanse the land. Even as these words are written, one weather related disaster after another is marching across the nation. Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, excessive rain, drought, flooding, forest fires, and more. Scientists are baffled at these events. Record temperatures both blistering hot and sub-zero cold are being set in cities across the country virtually every week. These things are just the beginning. We will explain in this book why it is happening. The scriptures spell out the reasons in black and white. It is not a mystery nor was it unforeseen. The reasons are there for all to see.


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