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Why We Are Brothers

C. Alan Martin

Copyright 2010 Low Tide Press

God is faithful, through whom ye were called into the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.
(1 Corinthians 1:9 ASV)

1. What you think is not what you believe.

It can be, but never always.

What you believe is what God has placed in your heart by revelation. Everything God has put into your heart by revelation is truth. God does not lie, and He does not put false things into you. Not everybody has the same things in their heart. But all the things that two believers have in common are the same. Truth revealed into believers is progressive. One spiritual truth is built upon another. We are all at differing levels of growth. The faith that has been revealed into us is compared to the construction of a building. But all our “buildings” are exactly the same, howbeit at different stages of construction. My foundation is exactly like your foundation. My first floor is exactly like your first floor. My windows and doors are exactly like your windows and doors. We have no differences at the spirit-faith level, only degree of completion. I may have a window that God has not revealed into you. You may have a door that I have yet to receive. But all those things we have in common are exactly the same. One of them main thrusts of this book is to show that when it comes to faith: We have no differences of faith.

2. Doctrine is what you think. What you think, or better, what you mentally assent to, is what is in your head. These are doctrines that you have worked out for the purpose of sharing with others and renewal of your mind. These are not what you believe. Doctrinal differences exist in the mind, and not the spirit. Doctrinal differences are superficial and are not differences in belief. In the faith of the body of Christ, there are no differences of faith. We all believe the same things. God has not revealed one thing into me, but something different into you.

3. There exists in every believer a built in “truth detector” This truth detector will not allow your spirit to believe something false. It will not allow your spirit to believe a lie. There are no lies in your spirit. Everything there is from God, and therefore everything there is true. This is how we can know that there are no variations in the elements of our common faith. The spirit of truth in us will not allow us to believe lies. Our doctrine in our heads may be full of it… but our spirits have no lies.

4. With these understandings, we have to conclude that even though we have superficial mental-doctrinal differences, no such differences exist between our spirits. We are one.

Description: kindle1
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